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Tangata Exclusive


Nga Mihi nui! A Big Thank You to our lovely members for your wonderful support – by 29 November $10296 had been raised in various streams.

This means we reached almost 75% of our goal for our November Appeal. Well done members, we appreciate that these are inflationary times with food, energy, health, mortgages, rents and family support going through the roof, it is a challenge to find those spare dollars.

The work of Wakaminenga Maori Government is vital to wake our nation up to true freedom and true human rights and a quality of life we all deserve and can attain under our constitution of He Wakaputanga our unextinguished Declaration of Independence.

maori carved gavel


We are about to commence the second stage of trials to deal with more NZ government officials allegedly involved in COVID19 crimes. 

Te Kooti Wakanga Update

Sentencing and Prosecutions

On 24 September 2023 Three marathon court sittings were convened at Te Kooti Wakanga Court of Justice, held on Sunday 24 September 2023 to deal with breaches of He Wakaputanga and Covid 19 response crimes of four convicted NZ Government officials and MPs from the 53rd Parliament of New Zealand over the period of 2020 – 2023.

Sentencing of Four NZ Government Officials

The first court sitting of COJ-07-23-001 was convened to deliver judgment to four convicted New Zealand Government officials, Christopher John Hipkins, Andrew James Little, Ashley Robin Bloomfield and Christopher James for their part in actions that breached He Wakaputanga and actions that led to serious Covid 19 crimes.

The following is exclusive to tangata who are enrolled to the Jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga and logged in to our new website. Open to all people from this land. Please join us, if you support this extremely important kaupapa/purpose that affects all of mankind. The following information is historic, and should not be taken lightly.

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