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Te Kooti Wakanga Update

Sentencing and Prosecutions

On 24 September 2023 Three marathon court sittings were convened at Te Kooti Wakanga Court of Justice, held on Sunday 24 September 2023 to deal with breaches of He Wakaputanga and Covid 19 response crimes of four convicted NZ Government officials and MPs from the 53rd Parliament of New Zealand over the period of 2020 – 2023.

Sentencing of Four NZ Government Officials

The first court sitting of COJ-07-23-001 was convened to deliver judgment to four convicted New Zealand Government officials, Christopher John Hipkins, Andrew James Little, Ashley Robin Bloomfield and Christopher James for their part in actions that breached He Wakaputanga and actions that led to serious Covid 19 crimes.

The following is exclusive to tangata who are enrolled to the Jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga and logged in to our new website. Open to all people from this land. Please join us, if you support this extremely important kaupapa/purpose that affects all of mankind. The following information is historic, and should not be taken lightly.

36 thoughts on “Te Kooti Wakanga Update”

  1. Jacquelyn Elkington

    These crimes are serious and those who carried them out must be bought to account. The sovereign jurisdiction is the highest law and breaches within it are shameful and disgraceful. However, we are not the judges but we must process the charges and allow justice to prevail.

    Kia kaha you beautiful people!

      1. Hallelujah! The healing of this nation has begun spiritually and naturally this year. Let God’s justice come swifty and fully for the great evils done against NZ these many decades. May God’s justice shine with international recognition and support, that NZ may be seen as the rising sun for worldwide revival. Shalom! 🙏👆🌄❤️

      2. Excellent these politicians are devious and criminal who have caused masses of deaths seen almost every day in the Deaths Column of The New Zealand Herald with the shocking funeral notices of died SUDDENLY OR UNEXPECTEDLY OR SUDDENLY AND UNEXPECTEDLY. Absolutely heinous and according to Science and Specialist Doctors by 2025 there will be a Haulocost of deaths!

        Well done, they have to be called to account and brought before the same Court of 1945 that sentenced the Nazi killers named The Nuremberg Court 1945, which is valid today!

      3. And what has come of this? Don’t see anyone being arrested?

        What about Jacinda’s cousin the police commissioner that has been complicit and all other politicians staying silenced on all matters of this plandemic?

        The people want justice like in yesterday…

        1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

          Tena koe Quinton
          We have served the last of the sentencing orders to the MPs. We are putting out a statement over the weekend which will deal with the question of enforcement and other matters around the use mRNA in our country, main issues of trial and a video.

  2. We are very fortunate that Te Kooti Wakanga Court of Justice has held an unbiased trial with all the evidence presented and heard.

    The precarious nature of the world we now live in is that Courts around the world refused to hear this evidence.

    The truth must be told, we are all accountable for our actions.
    Restitution needs to be made and the peace restored.

    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Thank you for your query, this is sensitive information until we make the whole trial proceeedings public.

  3. Woooohoooo 😀
    What happens next please?
    Great work and well done good people. Thankyou thankyou thankyou ❤️
    God is with us 👍🏻

  4. Kia Ora

    Is it likely that these sentences will be carried out soon? Please advise?


    Warwick Jacques

    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Tena koe Warwrick Jacques, this information is sensitive until the whole trial proceedings is made public which we don’t intend to delay.

  5. Waiting excitedly for the public announcement.
    This news made me suddenly happy. Thankyou Father and all the good people of WMG. Youre awesome.
    Making history together.

  6. So proud to belong and so happy that we the people of Nu Tireni finally feel that there is light at the end of this horrible tunnel. Thank you so much for your mahi ❤️

  7. Awesome step forward. Well done to all involved. Glad to be in support. Can’t wait for the public announcement and sentences to begin!

  8. I am assuming you have the support of Reimer Fullmech as Legal Representation?
    WE ALL need to know when Ardern is served

    1. Wakaminenga Maori Government doesn’t need any ‘legal representation’, however Reiner is informed and has been in contact about it to some extent. WMG has a brilliant, righteous law expert who helped make this trial happen. Info on JA will be out soon…

      1. I have seen reiner fullmech discussing this and walked away thinking not only was he very interested but some european and many indigenous peoples from around the world were interested too. I believe they want to see the results and then think about setting their own courts up.
        But without sentences being carried out how can it be any more than a feelgood exercise?

  9. Great decision! A journey of a thousand kilometres begins with the first step. This is the first step of many that have to be taken on the long road ahead.

  10. This is a wonderful report.
    There are many who claim to be representing He Wakaputanga, and indeed, anyone who takes shelter of that sublime original sovereign government of Nu Tireni can rightfully claim its heritage. However, as far as l can see, only WMG is actually being proactive in bringing forth and manifesting its powers and jurisdiction. Thank you for bringing Te Kooti Wakanga into being, and for giving us some actual hope and protection.

  11. Fantastic to know that the hardships some of us have faced the past few years is not going without some form of justice.
    Bringing the injustices caused by the so called ‘leaders’ to light,is a step closer to our being able to heal.
    Thank you for your service to the people of Nu Tireni.

  12. Thank you for this latest update. These crimes against humanity are very serious indeed. I’m hoping that these government officials will be prosecuted for their part in their crimes. I’m surprised Ardern isn’t facing these charges also with her being prime minister at the time and she was the one dishing out the order

      1. At last! Some people doing the obvious thing – charging the criminals! Every country should prosecute these sub- human entities. But no court will hear the case.
        Many leaders are complicit in these crimes and at the top of the pile are billionaires by the dozen. Both have many plans to avoid prosecution and many means to thwart the investigations.
        Money power is feared by many citizens so I appeal to the masses to beat that fear, stand up and challenge the greedy elite – the truth is undeniable and must prevail.
        I salute the WMG leaders, may your lives be protected.
        Most seem reluctant to confront the super rich but WMG had the courage to call them out – You have started the ball rolling – I hope this leads to widespread and speedy ‘Justice for all.’ Thank You, WMG thank You.

  13. Thank you [people of WMG] for all that you are doing.
    Your service and dedication to the people of this land is greatly appreciated, and we are grateful to you for keeping us informed as to progress of justice being bought to bare.
    Like many, I am keen to see justice being served against those whom have murdered, maimed, and profiteered from the misery of the the last three years.
    This has been the darkest period in our nations history, and the telling of it will resound for many generations.

    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Click on the headline Te Kooti Wakanga Update on main page and scroll over halfway down. If you can’t get all the way in to the story, you will need to re-register.

  14. Raphael Magnusson

    From across the ditch…..
    Humankind has been completely deceived…..
    and now we await
    depopulation from the so called mRNA vaccinations
    and the escalating war
    machines around the globe..
    Hope for the future…..
    Accountability and Justice before peace…

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