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Whenua Rangatira Land Protection

General Title

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Land Protection for your General Title (COT) under Whenua Rangatira Certificate of Title (WRCOT) – Under He Wakaputanga, Ture Tikanga Maori Customary Law Jurisdiction.

Owners who wish to protect their land under General can do so by adding a Whenua Rangatira Title via our website application form.

The following information is exclusive. You must be Tangata (fully enrolled) and logged in to this website to view. If you do not have a Tangata ID yet, you will not be able to view the content .

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    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Hi Stephen
      You will need to reregister on the website ot received the email. Please use the pop up window if you are a member or if you are not sure whether you are a member use the join option on the pop up window. Once you have done this you will receive a newsletter.

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