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Register or Enrol?

Please follow the guidance to correctly register or enrol here. There are two options:

This means you have not taken the Kupu Taurangi Pledge before, or completed our enrolment form. Your Sovereign Journey with He Wakaputanga starts with this button.

On 13 August 2023 we made changes to the website which changed the way non-enrolled users registered. Those that had registered but not enrolled (hadn’t completed the Pledge and ID etc) had their accounts reset so they can create their account correctly as Tangata Wakaminenga. All new users must enrol to receive a login for this website.

This means you are already an enrolled Tangata with WMG under He Wakaputanga – but you haven’t yet registered on our new website. To take advantage of all Tangata exclusive options on the website, you just need to Register with this form. We will validate your name, email address and tangata ID and upgrade your public account to a Tangata account on this website. If you don’t have or know your Tangata ID we can still process your migration using your name and email address.