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Judicial Process

Te Kooti Wakanga Court of Justice Nu Tireni New Zealand

The court has been established as a permanent court for the use of all who seek justice and who acknowledge the lawful framework of ture tikanga, biblical law and He Wakaputanga supreme sovereign law of Nu Tireni New Zealand and have transitioned to this jurisdiction as tangata wakaminenga.

The judicial system that has been adopted for implementation to dispense justice in reference to article 3 of He Wakaputanga is the Grand Jury court system made up of peers from the community nga tangata, men and women who will make determinations instead of a judge.  A president of the court will facilitate court proceedings and provide guidance in accordance with court rules, a moderator ensures the court proceedings are conducted in an orderly manner and a second moderator ensures that tikanga law is oberved. This group of court officials is known as the Presidency of the Court or in te reo, Te Kooti Pirehitinitanga.

The framework of law that the court adheres to is Tikanga Maori customary law, biblical law and He Wakaputanga sovereign law of Nu Tireni New Zealand that was the basis for the founding document He Wakaputanga 1835, Declaration of Independence. The court in which proceedings or cases may be held is known as Te Kooti Wakanga, The Court of Justice. The first court case was initiated on 28 June, 2023 with an appointed grand jury, a jury appointed chairman and the Court Presidency. Rules or the Statute of Waitangi regarding the purpose of the court and how it operates, were enacted by Arikinui Ripekatangi Upoko (Leader) of the Wakaminenga Maori Government and the Ture Tiakitangi Law and Protection Council at the opening of Te Kooti Wakanga Court of Justice.

Use our Law & Protection contact form if you would like further information on initiating a court case.

Law and Protection

For peace and good order – rangimarie to be maintained in our hapori communities – a system of Ture Hunga, Law Officers will be implemented.

This is in keeping with article 3 of He Wakaputanga to maintain peace and good order. Anyone interested in undertaking these roles should be a member of Wakaminenga Maori Government and should make enquiries to Wakaminenga Ture Tiakitanga – Law and Protection Council.

Creating Laws

The creating of laws is implemented via the Wakawakanga (ture whare runanga) where laws are created.

Te Wakawakanga sits during the Ngahuru from 1 February to 28 October under the auspices of the Chiefs of the Confederation of he United Tribes or Peoples also known as Te Wakaminenga o Nga Rangatira o te Rangatiratanga the National Congress of Nu Tireni New Zealand.

This Congress functions as the House of Representatives that represent rohe or district Wakaminenga from around Nu Tireni New Zealand. The Congress Wakaminenga will be concerned with creating laws applicable to the whole of Nu Tireni NZ, local laws or ture tiki may be created via rohe or district Wakaminenga to apply within their local areas.

Indigenous Peoples International Court

We have been in liaison with the International Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Council (IPIC) in St Lucia – an independent body that hears cases for indigenous groups, a Court of International Competence.

Matters of international injustice are heard in this Court. We have yet to consider a case to be conducted with in an international jurisdictional court.