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Te Tau mo Te Mahinga 2024 – The Year for Action

This is the first report of Wakaminenga Maori Government (WMG) for 2024.  Two weeks after the new year began, our annual hui symposium was held. We wish to acknowledge members, staff, guests and hapu that travelled from around the country to attend.  The symposium was held at Jet Park Hotel,  Airport Road, Hamilton.  The land is known as Rukuhia o Waipa and is under the kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of Ngati Apakura of Waikato Maniapoto.

A powhiri and warm welcome was given by Wakaminenga Maori Government officers. Visitors responded in like manner identifying where they came from and giving their support for the hui symposium. Attendees came from as far away as Te Tai Tonga, Christchurch; Te Tai Tokerau, Far North; Te Tairawhiti, East Coast and Te Tai Hauauru the West Coast North Island, Maori refer to these regions as Nga Hau e Wha, The Four Winds. Admiral Gregory Cook and his Home Guard Global were invited to attend and did so with flags flying and a well disciplined team.

The main theme of the symposium was, Te Ao Whakahou ki He Wakaputanga,  Creating our world through He Wakaputanga.  

Leader of Wakaminenga Maori Government, Arikinui Ripekatangi, opened the hui the with the bold statement that this was a year for action and that the WMG would be putting He Wakaputanga into action. The implementation of He Wakaputanga was disrupted by the 1840 treaty that has seen our country divided ever since. It is time to correct that disruption and bring our country back into alignment with our constitution.

On 6th February every year the  NZ Crown corporation government and their Iwi leader corporate partners commemorate Te Tiriti o Waitangi,  a process to endorse the incumbent defacto government of NZ to continue their unlawful occupation of our country.  For many New Zealanders this is how it should be, after all did not the Maori Chiefs cede their sovereignty to the British Crown in 1840 at the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi?

Recent Waitangi Tribunal Te Paparahi o Te Raki Ngapuhi claims reports in 2014 and 2022 have concluded that the Maori Chiefs never ceded sovereignty when they signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  So if Maori never ceded sovereignty why are they not governing their own country. History shows Maori lost their sovereign powers through threats, coercion and land wars initiated by  British colonial governors who also  reminded the Chiefs that the “possibility of racial destruction ” was imminent if they did not accept the British Crown as  the sovereign power over New Zealand, (Gore Browne Kohimarama Conference 1860.)

Under the Treaty or Te Tiriti the NZ Crown Government abrogated sovereign power and authority from the Chiefs whereby all New Zealanders including Maori New Zealanders have been unlawfully governed ever since. While unseen to many New Zealanders until recently the defacto NZ Crown Government not only governs unlawfully, it has committed many crimes that has prevented our country from achieving peace and good order as proclaimed under He Wakaputanga. While Maori experienced these as genocide, loss of land displacement and disparity, for the last three years from 2020 all New Zealanders have experienced the heavy hand of the defacto NZ Crown via buying into the false global pandemic of the WHO and administrating a toxic gene therapy by means of coercion and force causing injury and death to thousands of New Zealanders. Like many New Zealanders WMG supports the view that this is a plan for global depopulation by corporations who have captured sovereign governments, who have also bought into the fraud climate warming said to be a threat to the survival of planet earth. An alternative view to dispute such fraudulent claims is dismissed and suppressed by governments, the media, by scientists, medical professionals, academics and so called experts around the world.

Wakaminenga Maori Government reiterates its role is to reinstate New Zealand’s true and only constitutional law of He Wakaputanga and its de jure or true governance body Te Wakaminenga National Congress of Nu Tireni NZ, referred to in He Wakaputanga as the United Tribes or Peoples of New Zealand, government of the people, by the people, for the people, this includes all New Zealanders.

It was determined at the hui symposium that it is time to stop making speeches and protesting. It is now time to implement actions that will stop tyrannical corporate governments and their plans to catastrophically disrupt human life as never before. The Wakaminenga Maori Government along with the support of our membership have proclaimed our right to activate our unextinguished jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga, Declaration of Independence. Under out constitutional jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga, Te Ao Whakahou will emerge so that New Zealanders can rebuild our country to uphold our freedoms, human rights, protection of property rights and our health and well being. Our sovereign powers and authority will be at the forefront leading us to achieve our goals through our de jure governing body of Te Wakaminenga National Congress of Nu Tireni, New Zealand and the Wakaminenga Maori Government.

The Plan of Action 2024

The Plan of Action started on 13 January 2024 with our Wakaminega Proclamation that announced our determination to activate the jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga, starting in the area of Waipa o Tainui. Our Proclamation starts;


  1. We, Te Wakaminenga, o Te Rangatiratanga o Nga Hapu United Tribes and Peoples of Nu Tireni New Zealand by the powers and authority invested in us gathered at Rukuhia, Waipa to make proclamation on this day 13 January 2024. 
  2. In accordance with our unextinguished constitution of He Wakaputanga 1835, Declaration of Independence we reaffirm and confirm Te Wakaminenga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nga Hapu United Tribes and Peoples of Nu Tireni New Zealand as the only lawful supreme, de jure governance body of the State of Nu Tireni New Zealand that has powers and authority to carry out governance duties for all New Zealanders.

The Proclamation was signed by those members of Te Wakaminenga o Te Rangatiratanga Congress of Nu Tireni New Zealand gathered at Rukuhia Waipa on 13 January 2024.

The whole proclamation may be read here Proclamation-Final-13-January-2024-CGT-V111.pdf (opens in new website tab)

The Plan of Action starts with a Whakatauaki

A wise saying from our Wakaminenga Rangatira:

So, in essence the plan of action starts with us. We as sovereign individuals determined to do what we need to do to free ourselves from the criminal corporate governments who have been enslaving and committing genocide on humanity since the beginning of human civilisation.

Below is the Wakaminenga Steps to Creating our World through He Wakaputanga. What Step are you on? To help you get there WMG has appointed The Regional Wakaminenga Establishment Council. It is for those members who wish to start regional Minenga Councils in their regions or districts in order to bring people together to implement the peace and good order of He Wakaputanga in your communities.

Steps to creating our world through He Wakaputanga

Please feel free to leave a reply below, to ask us a question or to share with everyone what step of the journey you are on.

26 thoughts on “Te Tau mo Te Mahinga 2024 – The Year for Action”

  1. Kia Ora,
    It is a relief to finally read of more substantial action being planned.
    I note that many (perhaps non-maori) will be cautious about a ‘maori government’ taking control. Therefore it seems important that it is continually pointed out that the Constitution includes all New Zealand residents.
    May God bless us all with success.

    1. That’s a really valid point about many, perhaps non-Maori people being cautious about a “Maori government” “taking control”. If I can give a viewpoint on that, the beauty of it is that the Maori government doesn’t control anyone. It’s a full personal responsibility system – you do it because you want to do it. In the corporate world, being “responsible” means “being blameable” and probably “being sue-able” – so no one wants to be responsible, i.e., the system fosters irresponsibility, and many other out-of-integrity behaviours. But under He Wakaputanga and Tikanga, full personal responsibility means – you get to create it how you want it, as long as you do it with Tika (doing it right, causing no harm); Pono – being truthful and honest and self-honest; and Aroha – doing what you do out of love and compassion for others, and following the premises laid out under He Wakaputanga. It’s a very different – and very workable system, designed to benefit everyone …..

    2. Tena koe Kevin
      Yes we keep reminding everyone He Wakaputanga jurisdiction is for all NZrs including non Maori NZrs As well participation in governing our country as one people one nation is open to all NZrs.

  2. King Larriante Sumbryel

    Grand Rizing Kia ora, I am ready to set up Minenga Councils in North Amexem asap. At this point perpetual Bond for $100, 000 forwarded to Chatham Islands New Zealand for processing. Please advise of the next steps . Certified Human Rights Consultant 357….Lord Bledisloe….Memorial must upheld by any means necessary. We must do a Treaty as soon as possible. I will author if need be ….

  3. Thank you keeping me updated with what happened at the hui. What I have read is good and the Plan of Action that was brought forward is good as well. Keep up the good work. Nga Hau e Wha
    Kia Orana Nga Mihi Don

  4. Kia Ora,
    I am really excited to get beautiful New Zealand united again. Coming from a country of hatred and apartheid, I know the effect this division has on a country and its people. I wish you many blessings and success and I am so proud and happy to be part of this wonderful family. GOD BLESS.

    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Thank you Tracy for your acknowledgement, we are proud to have your as our sister in our big family and whanau

    2. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Thank you Tracy your comments, he wakaputanga is our only hope and salvation from the tyranny being carried out on humanity.

  5. This is so exciting! WMG strategy 2024 as well as minenga being developed around Nu Tireni – North and South !.
    Our people taking care and responsibility for our communities – it’s going to be a great and significant year !

    1. Looking forward to joining like minded people.
      Tika, Pono, and me te Aroha are also my foundation stones……….it is how I wish to live and have my being……..I am on a journey of discovery, personal development and wonder……I choose to live in Freedom over Fear………we are One People, One Body with many parts that can work in Cooperation and Unity…..Tutira mai nga iwi……lets do this…….nga mihi nui tatou katoa

      1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

        Tena koe John – Nga mihi for your whakaaro. Ae kia kotahitanga tatou i raro i te maru o He Wakaputanga e ai ki te wairua o tika pono me te aroha.

  6. Kia Ora e te Whanau

    I love this, I am also on my journey to be my Authentic Self, and for me, that starts with Whakapapa. Whakapapa knowledge has been giving me the courage to make changes in my life,start removing myself from the NZ Company fraudulent actions. He Whakaputanga has given me confidence to achieve my above Goals. So I’m in ❤️💪 Anyone in Whanganui love to korero for catch-ups☺️

    Nga mihi


  7. I’m interested in donating 10$ every week, to support your , Maori government movement,projects, & to volunteer my time,whenever possible. I can’t become a member right now, because I rely on Crown government SLP benefit & Crown Government State housing for shelter, and I need to get qualified & certified, to renter the work force using Crown government education programs. It’s not so easy for me to naturally become a member of wmg communities obviously.
    I’m just greatful to beable to contribute $10 every week from my Crown government SLP benefit , however I’m not interested in starting a regional Minenga Council in my region or district. I’m more than happy to support one. When ever possible.

    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Thank you for you kind offer to tautoko WMG we accept with much appreciation. You are still able to collect your SLP from Crown Government if you join Maori Government.
      Ka nui te mihi

      1. Kia ora,
        Awesome Kaupapa, sorry been away because of health issues and life. Thank yous for your mahi and looking forward to seeing WMG in action.

  8. Sorry not tech savvy,
    But I am so excited to be on this Waka and to have a meaningful journey with our Tangatawhenua
    Blessed 😇

  9. Greeting Georgi
    This all looks great 👍🏻 Thankyou.
    Is it ok to have a 1 member local minenga if you live in a remote location?

    God bless your days with much success.

  10. Fantastic to see such a centure into true freedom of the people by the people for the people, excellent work so far.

  11. What and how do I need to do next to become part of and help this movement? How is Reiner Fullm.. getting on with this related court case?

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