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Te Wakaminenga o nga hapu o Nu Tireni

Wakaminenga Maori Government

Nau mai, Haere mai! Welcome!

This is the official website of Wakaminenga Maori Government. We invite all people of the world to join us under the native maori Jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni 1835.

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Ngā mihi.


7 Pillars of Te Wakaminenga Maori Government


Nationhood, to be united as one peoples, working together in the interest and well being of our nation, coming together in times of national need such as disasters, maintaining our nationhood and showing loyalty to it. A collective responsibility.

Kotahitanga can be developed and encouraged through establishing wakaminenga or minenga councils in your hapu areas, districts, tribal or regional areas. Minenga is a governance structure where tangata/people may organise themselves to take responsibility for running their communities. There is a plethora of social, economic and environmental needs limited only by one’s imagination. Free will, human rights and protection are essential elements to maintaining unity. Minenga councils provide the perfect governance system for which strong local leaders can evolve to develop, support and maintain free, vibrant and unified commuties. Unity and freedom in local communities brings us together as a free and unified nation for the mutual benefit of all.


Whanau, family, kinship ties, hapu, tribe, waka, pah, marae hapu, village, town, maunga, mountain, awa river, keeping in contact with whanau, tatai hono – to uphold our bonds of kinship. Family, hapu and tribal gatherings are ways to maintain strong extended kinship ties. Supporting one another in times of need and celebrating success together maintains kinship ties. Whanauntanga includes both nuclear and extended family constructs both are valued within the the concept of whanaungatanga.


A concept of caring for others such as friends and loved ones, showing aroha and hospitality, taking care of those in need, responding to the needs of our elders kaumatua, , tamariki children, rangatahi teenagers and caring for our parents. In times of great need of disasters social unreset, sickness, we can reach out and care for others in need.

Manaakitanga for visitors to marae gatherings is an important feaure of Tikanga – Maori custom and is accompanied by powhiri (welcome) tatai hono (linking tribal, hapu, whanau or foreign cultural exchanges of manuhiri (visitors) to the haukainga (hosts). Whaikorero (speeches of welcome), waita (traditional songs), whakatauaki (traditional proverbs) and hakari (a feast) are important features of these gatherings called hui. Whakangahau (celebrations formal or family), whakamaumahara (commemorations, unveilings), tangihanga (funerals), reunions, and hosting foreign delegations are some of the events that happen on a marae Visitors may bring koha (money or gifts in acknowledgement of the hospitality. Manaakitanga also demonstrates the generosity and aboundance of the tribe, hapu or whanau (family) who are the hosting the occassion.


There are spiritual beings, kiatiaki (guardians) over the natural environment such as, Rongo, Tangaroa, Tawhirimatea, Ruaumoko, Tane, Tu Matauenga are some of the well known kaitiaki, we remember we are in their realms and respect and care for the environment, our taonga(resources) and the wairua (spirituality).

People today are thought of as being kaitiaki however in ancient times and not so long ago kaitiaki were symbolised in creation entities, such as animals, birds, pet eels, geographical land marks such as mountains, rivers, seas, forests, a tree and of course our kaitiaki in the spiritual realms.

Maori are not dissimilar to other cultures who find expressions of well being reflected in the spiritual realm such as angels and other spiritual beings that are not so benevolent. Earthly creations symbolise humanities belief that they enhance and protect one’s health and well being.


Mana Whakahaere

Working with authority in our decision making.


We are all born rangatira with skills and talents to develop and aspire to excellence in the earthly and spiritual realms. Rangatira/ leaders maintain mana motuhake (self-determination) and rangatiratanga sovereign authority over the territorial lands of Nu Tireni New Zealand. Whenua rangatira is the protection from rangatira/leaders over the land on behalf of the land owners or occupiers. Rangatiratanga includes upholding freewill and human rights, protecting the well being of hapori -communities and our nation state. Upholding Article four of He Wakaputanga is another obligation to take care of those New Zealanders whose ancestors came to Nu Tireni to settle and trade. They are to receive all rights as tangata whenua under He Wakaputanga. Creating laws, dispensing justice, keeping peace and good order and regulating trade are the responsibilities of rangatira/leaders.

Rangatiratanga is further demonstrated by rangatira/ leaders vigilent in their oversight of local and national interests such as social, economic and environmental outcomes beneficial to their communities and the nation. Maintaining interdependant, positive relationships with other leaders are essential elements of Rangatiratanga. Each year rangatira/leaders gather in Waitangi at the beginning of ngahuru- autumn, where they convene Te Wakaminenga o Te Rangatiratanga the National Congress to discuss the affairs of the nation and create laws. Such laws will require endorsement by community wakaminenga councils in local areas. and then enacted or assented to by the rangatira/leaders at another gathering of Te Wakaminenga o Te Rangatiratanga. Hui in Waitangi may be held four or five times a year. It is important to recognise the haukainga , tangata whenua of Waitangi, Ngati Rehia, Ngati Kawa and Nga Rahiri.

Rangatira /leaders uphold the Declaration of independence, He Wakaputanga the founding constitutional document of our nation. They carryout its intent to unite our country as the United Tribes and Peoples of Nu Tireni New Zealand and commemorate it each year on 28th October in Waitangi and around the country.


The layers of our history – our ancestors and future generations. Whakapapa or genealogy is an important value in Maori society, to maintain ones identity, blood ties to each other, tribal connections and importantly to the land. It’s important when visiting another tribe, hapu or whanau that one acknowledges their ancestral and family connections to that tribe, hapu or whanau. Knowledge of one’s whakapapa is highly regarded Reciting one’s whakapapa used to be very common some will recite their whakapapa back to a kaitiaki wairua (spiritual guardian) or back to Te Kaihanga Io Matua, the Creator of heaven and Earth. An important part of whakapapa is one’s relationship to the land. Many will preface their speech or whaikorero with their pepeha (identity) that might start with a whakatauaki (proverb or well known saying), nameing natural features of their tribal lands such as the name of their maunga mountain, awa river, their marae, tribe, hapu and an important ancestor and lastly who they are, they might finish with the words “me ko wai ahau?” meaning “and who am I”? It’s important to note each tribe or hapu have variations of how they express their pepeha or identity .

The re-emergence of Te Wakaminenga o Nga Hapu o Nu Tireni

The WMG has been in recess, but recently re-emerged out of necessity, to provide shelter in the form of the native maori jurisdiction under He Wakaputanga o Nga Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni. WMG opens it’s arms and welcomes all people to immigrate to this jurisdiction and grow together in a fairer, self-governing Nu Tireni.

At this moment, the occasion calls for a resurgence, as pressures surround our tangata whenua, people of the land, due to the implementation of specific plans originating from the Crown and beyond, spanning the entire globe. WMG shall flourish like a budding flower, extending its reach throughout the land to eliminate the roots of poverty and various impedances, while opening doors for everyone to pursue progress and prosperity, aiming for a brighter tomorrow.

Can you help us?

Te Wakaminenga Māori Government relies on volunteers and donations to carry out the mission of bringing the promise of He Wakaputanga to the world. Please consider donating using the form below, or by creating a recurring membership here. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your successful donation.

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I’ve been following so many groups and trying to help where-ever I can, holding signs on the street, spreading the word of the jab dangers, making noise, but it wasn’t until I found out about Wakaminenga and He Wakaputanga that I really felt we had a chance to save not just Aotearoa, but the whole world!


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I’ll spread the word, for everybody’s FREEDOM and RIGHT to SELF DETERMINATION whether they realise what is happening or not. Thanks to WMG and all the volunteers, we actually have a solid platform to launch the comeback of common sense and personal sovereignty. Tena koe WMG! ID cards are awesome thank you.


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Keep up the good work! So happy to have a found WMG and feel hopeful for the future of Aotearoa! Kia Kaha!



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