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Peace Treaty Signed Between Wakaminenga Maori Government and ‘Indigenes Volk Germaniten’

We celebrate the signing of our first peace treaty signed with the indigenous tribes of Germany known as Indigenes Volk Germaniten, the original indigenous authority prior to the German Government Corporation. This will enable Wakaminenga Maori Government (WMG) to form an alliance with Indigenes Volk Germaniten and seven other indigenous nations in Europe, North and South America. They have taken the lead to form the international alliance with the indigenous peoples around the globe. Their representative flew to Nu Tireni NZ to do the live signing of the document. The peace treaty was signed for Wakaminenga Maori Government by Tumuaki Leader Arikinui Ripekatangi, and Tumuaki Tuarua Deputy Leader Arikinui Kurakamaringi.

4 thoughts on “Peace Treaty Signed Between Wakaminenga Maori Government and ‘Indigenes Volk Germaniten’”

  1. If someone can translate the above 2 comments id be rapt, just out of curiosity tbh, but i really do think this is such an honourable gesture from both sides, each holding the other in such a high regard, I love this for us Ra Whanau, a stepping stone towards betterment and the eventual unification of All who are happy to embrace and live as one peoples, he Tangata Whenua me nga Tangata Tiriti, respectfully, intentionally productively, giving doing the mahi towards the betterment of us, Gods children.

  2. This is way more than small steps for this world.
    – It has never been before in this format, that indigenious peoples united in peace to make a change around the globe. These holyness of this act we will remember for generations to come in great thankfulness!

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