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Matariki has a rich history and cultural significance in New Zealand, particularly within Māori communities. The celebration is deeply rooted in the country’s indigenous culture and has been passed down through generations. The name “Matariki” means “tiny eyes” or “eyes of god” in Māori and refers to the seven bright stars that make up the Pleiades cluster.

Matariki is a traditional Māori celebration marking the start of the Māori New Year. It involves activities such as harvesting, honoring ancestors, and engaging in cultural practices like song, dance, and food.

In modern times, Matariki has gained popularity and is widely celebrated in New Zealand. It serves as a time for all New Zealanders to recognize and appreciate Māori culture and its contributions to the country’s identity.

It is a time for reflection, setting intentions for personal growth and community well-being. Many people use this period to engage in acts of service, volunteerism, and giving back to their communities. That is exactly what we do in Te Wakaminenga Maori Government, we put in a lot of Ratonga/Service because it serves our tangata and that is our tikanga. The significance of launching on Matariki is because this website was created out of such Ratonga and it is with great pleasure we can share it with you, because it is of great importance in building a nation of Wakaminenga. We thank the service of those Tangata Wakaminenga that have contributed their efforts into making this happen, Kia ora whanau, we got there!

Matariki has become an integral part of New Zealand’s national identity and cultural heritage, serving as a unifying celebration of the country’s rich and diverse culture while highlighting the interconnectedness of all things. You can join us by enrolling as Tangata Wakaminenga and be a part of that interconnectedness by sharing the knowledge you acquire from it.

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