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Child Health Defence Interview

Wakaminenga Maori Government engaged with the international organisation Child Health Defence (CHD)

Leader of Wakaminenga Maori Government, Arikinui Ripekatangi, was recently interviewed about our experiences in Nu Tireni/NZ with the Covid 19 mRNA. Charles Tortise from WMG Ture Tiakitanga Law and Protection Council explained how under our constitutional law of He Wakaputanga 1835, we can bring to account those responsible for breaching our freedom and human rights under the NZ Government Covid 19 regime. He emphasised He Wakaputanga protects all New Zealanders.

The first half of the linked video features an interview with parents whose healthy baby suffered appalling injuries from yellow fever vaccine and the subsequent coverup from the Cameroon Government. CHD South Africa has proposed to exit the WHO.

Click here to go to the Child Health Defence website and view the story.

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