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Central Banking Digital Currency

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4 thoughts on “Central Banking Digital Currency”

  1. They say time heals, it took time for the W.W.W. to get accepted, email as well even though there are still people licking stamps and running to the P.O. to deliver mail. Tech has taken over the world, A.I. (Blockchain peer to peer trading without big brother in the middle taking their cut.) CBDC is centralised control, BTC is Freedom Decentralised, You are your own bank. I agree do not give your Sovereignty away to to the controllers/corrupt system.
    The banksters are taking out cash from their banks, to drive people into their CBDC control.
    Peace & Love, Kia Kaha!!!

  2. I met the person who claimed to have designed the Chinese Credit point social system, they live and work in Australia.

  3. I agree, I am opposed to digital currency for all of the above reasons you have mentioned, I use cash wherever and whenever I can. In fact I had to use a card the other day and I had to think about how to use it as it had been a fair while since I’d used it.
    I try to educate people on digital currency, most are completely ignorant of the repercussions, especially young people they can’t wait for it. When I tell them the money they receive will be programmed, they look at me in disbelief and bewilderment, “what does that mean?”, they ask. When they are told they can only spend in specific shops, or if they’ve exceeded their carbon levels the card won’t work, they are a bit shocked, but I don’t think they really believe me.
    But I’m afraid for this country, there are so many sheeple, and they have adopted the mantra:
    ” Oh well, it is what it is”.

  4. We all must stand against this, if we do not then kiss you freedoms away, they will use this to control your lives via access to your bank account. This war is as big as the Covid scam

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