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Nga mihi o Te Kirihimete – Christmas Greetings 2023

Well we are finally getting some nice weather in time for the Christmas and New Year break, being mindful of those who have to keep essential services going and shops open to the very last minute for your needs on Christmas day.

Christmas was chosen as the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ although apparently, it’s not his real birth date. In the fourth century A.D, Western Christian churches settled on celebrating Christmas on December 25 which was the holiday of Saturnalia brought to Britain during the invasion of the Roman Empire. Saturnalia is the remembrance of Saturn the Roman god of agriculture. It involved gift giving and celebrating with lots of food and wine, it was a very festive time for all. However you are partaking of the tradition of Christmas, may it promote peace and well being for you, your whanau, families and all peoples of the world!

Wakaminenga Maori Government is closed for official business for 2023 – however some of us will be maintaining minimum services for urgent matters and also preparing for the Hui Symposium on 13 January. We will open again officially for business on 15 January 2024. If you have an important need to contact us please email or text 0278713044 and we will respond as soon as possible.


A massive thank you to our membership for supporting Maori Government with jury duty throughout the year and with your many donations and regular membership fees. Thank you to our voluntary staff who continue to support our various services such as Membership enrolment, Whenua rangatira land protection titles, ID card processing, Law and Protection advice and support, the leadership team and our Executive Council that oversees the various portfolios of health, law and protection, trade and industry, website management and protection of lands. Our busiest area is law and protection with having to undertake judicial proceedings against the NZ government for Covid Crimes and breaches of He Wakaputanga. Maintaining our website and the security of it and keeping members and the public informed is another busy portfolio. Regular meetings are conducted to keep WMG staff and leadership working in collaboration and cooperation to reach our goals to empower members and reinstate our freedoms and preserve our human rights within our unextinguished Constitution of He Wakaputanga Declaration of Independence.


Our Finance portfolio is the most challenging for obvious reasons in that we are reliant on member donations and voluntary fees. During November we reached 75% of our November campaign funding target of $16,000 needed for a three month period from November 2023 to January 2024. WMG requires financial coverage for the month of January totaling almost $5000 for administration, IT management, professional law services and overhead costs. These are minimum costs but always challenging to meet and we rely on your donations and various income streams from services provided. If you can afford to make a donation to cover our financial needs for the month of January we would be most grateful and appreciative. We thank you in advance for whatever you can give. Donations should be deposited to WMG 38 9003 0244220-00 Ref JanD24. For an acknowledgement of your donation please email