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Update for Judicial Proceedings

Tena koutou katoa Members,

I wish to apologise for the delay in getting this report out to members – we have been rather busy. This is a report of the first trial held under the sovereign jurisdiction of He Wakaputanga in modern times.

The court case COJ -07 -23 -001 for four high ranking NZ government officials has now concluded.  In our capacity as the sovereign peoples under He Wakaputanga, Wakaminenga Maori Government, Te Kooti Wakanga Court of Justice – held the trial on 27 August, 2023.   The trial took place online with an appointed jury, the Prosecutor and members of the Presidency of the Court who monitor and manage court procedures.  The defendants did not make an appearance.  A proxy representative was appointed by the Presidency of the Court to represent the defendants. After the presentation of the evidence by the Prosecutor the jury retired to consider the evidence and charges.

The jury returned after two hours of deliberations with the judgement.  All four of  the NZ government officials were found guilty of breaches of He Wakaputanga and committing Covid 19 crimes in their response to the Covid 19 Pandemic in the period from 2020- 2023.

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21 thoughts on “Update for Judicial Proceedings”

  1. Nga mihi nui, for all your mahi you are doing for the protection health if all New Zealanders.
    Heavenly Fathers blessings upon you all.
    Mihi Rigby

  2. Hooray!!! Brilliant job well done WMG.. Thankyou for justice against the injustices done on our ancient lands by this foreign entity the NZ government 🥳♥️

  3. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

    Thank you all for your supportive comments on the judicial proceedings update. This is a process that is continuing to unfold as we utilise He Wakaputanga to bring justice and accountability for the Covid 19 abomination. We honour our ancestors both Maori and Pakeha who had the foresight to establish a solid foundation of law to protect our rights of freedom and independence from those who have sought to take it from us. kia kaha, kia toa, maia, kia manawanui.

  4. Thank you for bringing law and order back to our whenua. It has been missing for a long time. One step at the time Onwards and Upwards
    Ngā mihi maioha

  5. Dear Voices
    From your positions of authority
    May we be held by you, together.
    May we rise with our country in light amidst the moving shadows of our past years.
    To feel the light with all its might is our right. I am both humbled and honoured to give you thanks for your knowledge, your mahi.
    Your precious Time and Wisdom, bring (me)/all rising hope, for the coming days ahead.
    Thanks to the allmighty in our leavening of Soulfilled Spiritual life of our Land and all its Being.

  6. Well done let’s keep it going and let them know we are over the lies and deception that is plaguing our country from these government officials and not just Labour all of the so called parties that are apart of this corruption. They all need to be removed and exposed for theses crimes against humanity.

  7. I’m amazed and impressed by your mana and your Kaha, Tumeke alright you give us hope.Thank you all . Appreciate you all.So happy and so proud of you all xx

  8. Peter-richard Prescott.

    Great work and well overdue. However, what concerns me is how you will enforce your findings, any international jurisdiction like the international criminal court for example would take years. The Privy Council don’t want to know us since the creation of our supreme Court. This is why they didn’t turn up for the hearing, they believe that you have no teeth, if you do please share with us. Keep up the good work.

  9. Gayleen 0210529388

    Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for all peoples of our nation!. Gratitude & Blessings🩵

  10. Can these people be bought to account for their crimes ? The same level of criminality has been actioned here in the UK and across the World

    1. Ripekatangi Georgina Job

      Peter Finnie – the judicial process has followed a lawful process under He Wakaputanga supreme sovereign law up to and including sentencing. A criical mass of New Zealanders must stand support this decision for it to have effect. We have shown that He Wakaputanga is a competent sovereign jurisdiction with authority and power over and above the NZ parliment.

  11. Ripekatangi Georgina Job and her team are phenomenal. They work tirelessly to effect change, secure justice and freedom for all, and hold those who commit crimes against the people of this country to account. It is time that the nation affiliate to the real leaders.

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