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Obtaining citizenship under He Wakaputanga 1835


Before Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840 was signed, Māori had their own government – Te Wakaminenga, an enduring governance structure which remains in place today. The Māori Government is the administering body for National Te Wakaminenga.

The aim of the National Wakaminenga is to foster an inclusive community made up of local communities, where the individual communities values are shared, and collective prosperity is pursued. We warmly welcome and encourage individuals from all walks of life to embrace our cultural heritage and contribute to the rich tapestry of our vibrant society. Together, let us forge a future of harmony and progress, honouring the principles of tikanga upon which our constitution was founded. JOIN YOUR LOCAL WAKAMINENGA to be a part of building an exciting future of sovereignty. We have a list of social groups on Telegram and Signal that might be helpful finding more about your local wakaminenga (visible only to enrolled wakameninga members.)

Te Wakaminenga o nga hapu o nga tino rangatira o Nu Tirini cordially extend an invitation to all individuals from myriad locations to unite with us in order to reside and flourish under the governance of our Native Maori jurisdiction of Aotearoa, Nu Tireni (New Zealand).

Pledge / Kupu Taurangi

In order to show your dedication to this noble cause and exhibit your genuine intentions, we have a Pledge that must be read and accepted to become ‘Tangata’, people of Te Wakaminenga. This is made up of an introduction paragraph and then 5 further paragraphs covering the 5 pillars of Tīhei mauriora. The text is written in English and Te Reo/Maori language of which you may choose to read either version, or both. Reading the Te Reo version is highly respected and therefore encouraged, there is no judgement on pronunciation, but respect for attempting if it isn’t your 1st or 2nd language.

The pledge is now available as a form on our website to make it easier to access and have your reading and acceptance verified by our Enrolment Officers. You can access this once you have registered and logged in to this website. Website registration is not enrolment to wakaminenga, but it does unlock more content to allow you to become tangata wakaminenga under He Whakaputanga.

In order to show your dedication to this noble cause and exhibit your genuine intentions, we strongly urge you to audibly recite the Kupu Taurangi/pledge to a good friend or family member, be it in a face-to-face encounter or over the phone. This act not only solidifies your authenticity but also establishes a sense of responsibility and accountability to the kaupapa (cause). Te Wakaminenga Maori Government also has volunteers who would love to guide you through this, and you can opt-in by selecting the option in your application. We will then give you a call at a time that suits you – you can pick a date and time for the reading. You will also be given the option to simply sign the document as having read and accepted the pledge.


Enrolling to join this jurisdiction refers to being a part of the Sovereign community, not just a website or group. To be a member, there are certain qualities and values we must follow, guided by Tikanga lore. We expect you to live with Tika, Pono and Aroha – integrity, truth, and love – within this community, as well as with all living beings.

To enrol you simply complete our online application form by verifying your details, reading and accepting the Kupu Taurangi /pledge, uploading some photos and finally answering a few questions.

Join us today, we’ve made it easy! Bring along your whanau and friends and start working with our growing base, together with the principle of tikanga lore. Click here for the Enrolment Application

Tīhei mauriora!

Tīhei mauriora is a traditional Māori phrase that means “the breath of life”. It is often used as an expression of acknowledgement or affirmation. In Māori culture, it symbolizes the essence of life and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Tīhei mauriora is a powerful mantra that can inspire positivity and a sense of vitality.

4 thoughts on “Obtaining citizenship under He Wakaputanga 1835”

  1. Hi there,

    I wish to obtain citizenship under He Wakaputanga 1835. Please send me more information that may be relevant to holding this value of being part of this group and honouring the principles of tikanga while being part of a movement part which has at its heart – the building of an exciting future of sovereignty.

    Cheers Dianne

    1. Kia ora Dianne, the basis of what it means to be part of this movement under He Wakaputanga is in our Kupu Taurangi/Pledge which you can find a sample of in the menu at the top of the page. You can enrol and become Tangata Wakaminenga under He Wakaputanga immediately by taking this pledge and providing some details. We will soon add Identification cards to the website (as we have in the past) to further show your new jurisdiction.

  2. Kia Ora Rupene, he pātai taku… If we are already members, are we affected by the new changes there are?…and with the login Page for whānau who have already done their pledge and signed as a official He Wakaputanga Citizen? 🤔 Ngā mihi Mahana ☺️ Maud
    PS – the website asks you need “JavaScript” to continue using this site…can you, advise or clarify, what that means please 🤗👍not computer savvy so to speak 🙄ka kite au i a koe 👋

    1. Kia ora Maud, existing members need only to register here if they want their data to show on this website and interact with things here – otherwise their data is still safely stored on our database and nothing else changes. – The Javascript popup is just advising that there is some javascript in the website – a type of website code – so for things to work properly you’ll have to accept javascript for this website, otherwise things might not work properly or at all. Ka kite au i a koe.

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